Self-Levelling Wheel Saws - RW

For narrow trenching

Specially recommended for minitrenching and microtrenching for laying fiber optic cables

Designed for fixed-section trenching on hard and compact surfaces, asphalt, cement and rock. Full protection  of the wheel at any working depth guarantees maximum safety of persons and property.
The hydraulic piston motors in direct drive with the cutting disk provide maximum hydraulic efficiency and high cutting force.  Specially recommended for laying fiber optic cables. 

Technical focus: Simex Patent

Self-levelling to cutting surface.

Milling depth is constant in any condition regardless of the ground contour and the wheel saw's position with respect to the prime mover. Slides automatically align to cutting surface. 
Operator is free of problems due to poor visibility of the work area, because the cutting depth exactly and constantly corresponds to that programmed thanks to the self-levelling feature. 

Technical focus: Trench clearing

Special design of outlets allows trench to be cleared efficiently at the depth programmed without resorting to special devices. Material is discharged to right and left, or can be discharged to one side only by closing one outlet (useful for roadside trenching).

Technical Focus: Wheel with Sectors 

Disk with removable and interchangeable sectors allows for quick adjustment to trench widths while maintaining the same base disk. 

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