Simex offers a range of products for digging and backfilling trenches for different types of utilities, including  fiber optic, piping and conduit systems.

TF cutter heads can be used effectively for digging water supply or sewer networks in soils containing materials with a hardness that do not lend themselves to excavation with a bucket, or with a level of fracturing that make hydraulic breakers an ineffective solution.

Simex T wheel saws are designed for digging fixed-section trenches for laying fiber optic cables, small pipelines or conduits.
CHD chain trenchers are a excellent solution when excavating natural  soil.
The CT wheel compactor compacts trenches and ensures a quality that normal manual plates cannot achieve. 
The PV vibrating plate compactors provide the optimal solution for compacting wider trenches, such as those excavated using the TF cutter head.
The  ST asphalt paver can be used successfully for laying asphalt over trenches.  

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