Season's greetings from Simex

Season's greetings from Simex
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on 15/12/2020
Dear friends and collaborators,
The year 2020 is drawing to a close, a year that we will not easily forget and that has brought about numerous changes. In spite of many difficulties, on the whole we achieved good operating results, which we were not expecting back in March, so it is even more rewarding for us to see that most of the industry has achieved good results.
But this is not the case for everyone: mourning, problems in the healthcare system, and old and new poverty are the long-term consequences of a terrible pandemic that is still affecting us. For all these reasons, and since we are unable to deliver Christmas presents directly to you as always, we have calculated what they would cost and the cost of transport (it is also best to avoid overcrowding) and doubled the amount. We have also chosen several local, national and international bodies to which we can offer our and YOUR SUPPORT.
We hope that you will appreciate this. Thank you for placing your trust in us throughout 2020. We assure you that we will do everything we can to be by your side in the coming year as well.
I would like to wish you and your families a Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for 2021.

Mirco Risi
CEO of Simex Srl

Attached below are the messages that individual organisations have sent us as a result of our initiative. We feel that it is our duty to share them with you:



Subject: Simex’s 2020 solidarity initiative to face the Coronavirus emergency  
Simex has always been involved in a number of solidarity initiatives. This year, due to the Coronavirus emergency, the company decided that greater efforts were needed. This is why three projects were chosen among many international, national and local projects, which have been actively involved in various ways in addressing the current Coronavirus emergency.
UNICEF - Coronavirus Emergency, Donate to help now
Supplying healthcare materials and medical equipment to fight the spread of the virus and protect the lives of millions of children in middle and low-income countries. Improving access to diagnostic tests and rapid treatment: UNICEF, as the world’s largest single buyer of vaccines, is working towards securing the supply of vaccine doses as soon as they pass the testing phase and are authorised.
MÉDECINS SANS FRONTIÈRES – Coronavirus Emergency
Protecting staff and patients by adopting contagion prevention measures learned during the outbreaks of Ebola, measles and cholera. Projects have been launched in Italy in 30 care homes for the elderly in the Marche region, in Lombardy with the telemedicine project to assist patients at home, and in Lazio with medical facilities and health-promoting activities. Moreover, MSF operates with the same goals in 70 other countries worldwide.
Tackling the current health emergency thanks to funding for the activities carried out by volunteers and the purchase of a vehicle equipped to transport people with disabilities or with reduced mobility, children and elderly people in the area of San Giovanni in Persiceto and neighbouring municipalities.

Simex Srl
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