VS 1500 skid steer’s screening bucket: the salt challenge.

VS 1500 skid steer’s screening bucket: the salt challenge.
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on 02/01/2023
2022 was a year of great research and investment for Simex in the field of screening, separation and reduction of materials directly on site. Treating waste materials directly on the field, where possible, conveys numerous benefits, especially in terms of saving time and money, the combination on which all construction site dynamics revolve. The goal is to safeguard the precious materials that can be recovered and reused directly on site, or transported easily outside.

This was precisely the case in which the VS 1500 screening bucket for skid steer loaders took center stage near Ferrara, Northern Italy. A local company has found itself having to deal with an old unsolved problem, which reappears every winter: the crystallization of de-icing salt to be used for road thawing. Purchased by the company at the beginning of the year, during the summer the salt accumulated and solidified in large irregular blocks, up to 1 meter wide, making it unusable for salt spreaders. The intervention of the Simex VS 1500 skid screening bucket was decisive. With an operating weight of 790 kg and a capacity SAE of 0.45 m3, the bucket features two rotating shafts made of FIT screening elements, in different shapes and sizes, which ensure intense whirling of input material. It was thus possible to rough and reduce the salt to an output size of 0-20 mm, ideal for subsequent use into salt spreader machines. The company was extremely satisfied with the work, admitting that if it hadn't found an equally effective solution it would have been forced to dispose of the salt and buy new one.

The VS range - born at the end of 2021 initially in a single model - had a good response from the public given the growing demand in the field of waste material recycling also for compact loaders. Now it is also available for higher hydraulic powers with the VS 2000 model, with an operating weight of 920 kg. The VS screening buckets were created for having the same quality and constructive solidity of the VSE screening buckets for excavators on a skid steer loader, featuring a light and compact structure that guarantees ease of maneuvering and high performance even in urban contexts and small construction sites. Similar to the sisters of the VSE excavator line, the front screening buckets also feature the patented FIT tool system which allows a variety of configurations depending on the material to be screened.
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