Chalking up another success in Paris

Chalking up another success in Paris
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on 18/05/2018

Intermat, held last April 23-28, was a success and further underlined the innovative capacity of Simex products.  

With over 183,000 visitors (35% from outside of France) representing 160 countries and with 1,500 exhibitors, Intermat marked an important event in the panorama of international trade fairs focused on the construction industry. Simex participated as an exhibitor with a stand displaying some of its new and important innovations.

Creating innovation by listening to customers.

The Simex stand attracted visitors in numbers who expressed keen interest in the new products exhibited and were appreciative of Simex’s ability to truly understand their application requirements. Machines warranting special attention were the new ST 160 B asphalt float, the new T 300 with conveyor, the new RWA wheel saw and the TF 50 and TF 100 cutter heads. What’s more, the new control panel proved a welcomed innovation by many visitors who were able to grasp how this new device can make their work easier and more productive.

ST 160 B for rapid and precise spreading of asphalt

The new ST 160 B, which flanks and replaces the Simex ST 200, is the ideal attachment in those instances where the user needs an economical and versatile spreading system that does not have to work offset with respect to the frame of the prime mover, a perfect solution in any situation where using a paver, even small-sized, is either infeasible or uneconomical.

The ST 160 B is ideal for spreading asphalt on small surfaces of road pavement; it can work with a maximum width up to 1500 mm or if less, by respecting the maximum distance between the wheels/tracks of the prime mover. In both cases, the layer can measure up to a thickness of 100 mm. 

The attachment can also be used for reinstating pavement of set-section trenches to a minimum width of 125 mm.  With its light but very robust frame, the ST 160 B is easily transportable and can be coupled to most compact loaders. The ST 160 B is easy and intuitive to use and can be cleaned quickly after use, thereby offering advantages in terms of site logistics. 

This attachment is also rapidly mounted and dismounted from the prime mover, a feature that all goes to the advantage of productivity. It can be used with great efficiency also for conveying waste material into trenches, including set-section trenches, allowing the job to be performed faster and with greater precision than the other systems most commonly used. 

T 300: now with conveyor belt

The new T 300 wheel saw is part of the Simex range that presently includes 8 models (6 of the T range and 2 of the RW range) with which it shares several features, notably the full protection of the wheel at any working depth, a solution that guarantees the highest safety to people and property, and the hydraulic piston motors in direct drive with the milling disk which deliver maximum hydraulic performance and a high cutting force.

This wheel saw can excavate at widths of 30, 50 or 80 mm and at a depth of 300 mm, characteristics that make it ideal for the excavation of micro- or mini-trenches typically carried out for laying fiber optic networks. 

On request, the T 300 is now offered with hydraulic tilt that allows the wheel saw to be maintained constantly and perfectly perpendicular to the ground, even when the prime mover is not parallel with the road surface, and also with a conveyor belt to avoid the waste material from being left on the ground. 

When fitted with the belt, the T 300 is especially productive because the waste material can be conveyed into the bucket of another compact loader moving in reverse in front of the T 300, thereby eliminating the need for another attachment to collect the waste material, the result being a reduction in work phases and optimization of time. 

The new T 300 once again demonstrates how Simex today offers the widest range of attachments specifically dedicated to the excavation of mini and micro trenches.

RWA 500 up to the task in any work scenario

Following the success of the RW 500, Simex developed the RWA 500, a wheel saw intended to provide an even more specific response to the excavation of mini trenches for the installation of fiber optic networks. This attachment has the ability to operate constantly perpendicular to the surface, even when the prime mover is at a slant. 

The RWA 500 stands out for its productivity thanks to hydraulic piston motors in direct drive with the milling disk, which deliver maximum efficiency and a high cutting force. The operator is relieved of problems due to poor visibility of the work area because the excavation depth corresponds exactly and consistently to that programmed thanks to the self-levelling feature (Simex patent). The excavation depth is in fact constant in any condition regardless of the pavement contour and the position of the attachment with respect to the prime mover, and as a result always matches the specified depth. 

Another important feature of the RWA 500 are the outlets for the material, which make it possible to obtain a clean trench at the set depth without the need a scraper, a solution that also results in a lighter weight. The material excavated is discharged either to the right or left, but if necessary, can be conveyed to just one side by simply closing one of the outlets. This is an option that comes in very handy when working at roadsides. 
The base disk with removable, interchangeable sectors also permits the quick adjustment of the trench width without the need for replacing the entire element, thereby avoiding the downtimes this can involve. 

Last, the full protection of the wheel at any working depth guarantees total safety to people and property, making this attachment ideal for jobs in historical centers and crowded or highly populated areas. 

TF 50 and TF 100 compact power

The new TF 50 and TF 100 cutter heads have been added to the Simex range, which now counts 10 models. 

Designed to be coupled respectively to mini-excavators from 1.5 to 4 tons, these small but powerful cutter heads can excavate for their entire width, thanks to an innovative system with central chain that leaves no areas unmilled, and therefore allowing the attachment’s working capacity to be exploited to the maximum. 

The TF 50 and TF 100 can be used successfully for milling walls in reinforced concrete or for removing plaster. And thanks to the weight and limited size of the prime movers they are coupled to, they are also ideal for the refurbishment of civil and industrial buildings, an application where they boast low noise levels also when working in confined spaces. These attachments also prove extremely efficient for profiling horizontal and vertical surfaces that need to be made uniform. 

However, their manageability and small size shouldn’t give reason to underestimate the power and cutting force of these cutter heads, which can respectively deliver a torque of 590 Nm and cutting force of 5100 N with 250 bar (TF 50) and 1060 Nm and 8100 N at 300 bar (TF 100).

These features make them especially suited to forestry and nursery applications, such as cutting trunks and roots, and also for digging small trenches on rocky terrain or excavating small manholes or utility vaults for water, telephone or electrical lines. 

Thanks to their robust construction, the TF 50 and TF 100 are very reliable and can be utilized for the most challenging jobs with the guarantee of excellent productivity

All functions within easy reach

Simex has designed a new control interface including a 7” touchscreen. The device will replace the control panel currently installed in the cabin and has the advantage of being universal so that it can be used with all Simex attachments. 

The new system is very simple and intuitive; it allows the full control of any function of the attachment. The panel also represents an important step forward when it comes to safety because it enables real-time monitoring of the attachment, also when the operator uses the joystick on the prime mover. 

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