Road maintenance: PL 45.20 and ST 200 in China

Road maintenance: PL 45.20 and ST 200 in China
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on 05/10/2020
On April 2020, Simex sold a road planer PL 45.20 in China to Shunying Traffic Engineering Co., through our local dealer ATE (Shanghai). The planer has been added to an asphalt float ST 200, already part of the fleet. This company deals with highway pavement maintenance and construction, mostly in Anhui Province.

Mr. Zhu, owner of the company, has immediately shown his appreciation on the attachment: «Usually we use skid steer loader to install planer and asphalt float for road pavement works. These attachments have a compact structure and allow to work even on a side of the road, without closing all the lanes, ensuring normal expressway traffic».
Simex PL 45.20 granted a good performance, running smoothly, achieving a neat groove contour after milling. The independent adjustment function of the left and right sides combined with the self-levelling system proved to be a plus for the user in terms of usability and easiness.
Since the highway often has longitudinal crack damage, after asphalt milling process, subsequent paving operations are required. Without a proper attachment «manual paving would require six workers, which is not only inefficient, but also provides uneven surfaces» continued Mr. Zhu. «Since the Simex ST 200 asphalt float is used, the efficiency of paving is significantly improved, and the flatness after laying meets the requirements of the client. In addition, the labor cost is also greatly reduced».
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