Screening waste material with a VSE 20

Screening waste material with a VSE 20
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on 17/05/2021
The customer's need was to screen waste materials at different particle sizes, for subsequent reuse or resale as stabilized aggregate, useful in the building sector, in construction and for road bases. Given the composition of the material, with the presence of gravel and mixed rock, it was decided to equip the attachment with mixed tools, which are well suited both for the selection of humid soil and for screening stony materials, as they also guarantee a light crushing of the aggregate during the screening process.
The customer was enthusiastic about the rapid adjustment of the output size, patent and added value of Simex VSE screening buckets: it allows to obtain different particle size, in few seconds, via a simple control activated from the cab. The rapid variation system guarantees speed of execution, versatility (being able to work on different materials) and a considerable saving of time. In fact, there is no downtime due to the spacing operations of the shafts for the particle size change, as happens in traditional technologies.
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