VSE screening buckets: padding pipelines and backfilling trenches

VSE screening buckets: padding pipelines and backfilling trenches
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on 20/07/2021
In backfilling operations of underground pipes, especially in the Oil and Gas industry, the instant adjustable output size leads to a numerous benefit in terms of saving of time and money. Simex patent allows to rapidly obtain various output size of the screened material, both for bedding and for the subsequent backfilling of the excavation. With Simex VSE there is no downtime due to technical interventions for the spacing operations of the shafts, as happens in traditional screening systems.

The operator instantly closes the shafts, loads the bucket and screens a small grain size material (0-15 mm/0-0,6 inches) for bedding, avoiding rubble and stones to damage the pipes once laid. With the same control in the cab, the operator instantly opens the shafts obtaining a medium-grain-size material (15-30 mm/0,6-1,2 inches) to backfill the excavation. Oversize material will be deployed.

Given the difficulties for new raw materials to be supplied and transported on site, the operator uses 1/3 of the existing material for bedding, 1/3 for padding the pipes, throwing away the last 1/3. Without the rapid variation system, it would impossible to recycle most of the material, risking to position oversize particles too close to the pipes. 
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