Excavation works for laying drainage pipes along Shanghai subway

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on 20.04.2021
The company Shanghai Construction Group (SCG) has used, through our importer ATE, a TF 850 double-drum cutter head within excavation works for laying underground drainage pipes along Shanghai subway.

Given the sensitivity of the area, the company has specifically requested an attachment to grant the selective breaking of asphalt and concrete, with no stress risk on the existing subway facilities. In addition, the particle size of the milled material is suitable to be immediately reused on site and does not require a further volumetric reduction by a second attachment or operating machine.

The crushed material produced by conventional excavation systems is extremely coarse and bulky, which leads to high transportation and disposal costs. TF cutter heads allow the operators to reuse the milled material directly on site with significant economic benefits: there is no need to purchase and transport new raw materials, such as sand and stones, for backfilling trenches.
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