Simex VSE 20 screening bucket for excavator: refurbishment of green areas

A VSE 20 screening bucket performed soil screening for green areas as part of a major renovation of a rural structure.

Ripristina is a construction and renovation contractor that bases its reputation on project quality. In Trivolzio near Pavia, Ripristina is finishing up the renovation of a large rural complex, a traditionally designed Lombard farmstead that also contains a building dating back to the Middle Ages. When completed, the renovated farmstead will be a mixed-use residential and commercial complex. 

An important part of the project is the creation of green areas in the internal spaces, a task requiring the screening of topsoil containing natural aggregate and also demolition waste. As reported by Giacomo Negri, technical manager of Ripristina, the VSE 20 took care of all the screening problems: “We were looking for a screening system that would both achieve good productivity and also allow for a certain amount of mobility. We excluded a mobile screening unit due to space restrictions, but on the suggestion of CGT Edilizia we solved the problem by renting a CAT 313F mounted with a VSE 20 screening bucketBesides its great productivity, this solution afforded us great mobility on the job site, a critical factor for screening in all the areas designated for green spaces.”

VSE 20: a patented system to increase productivity

The VSE 20 is part of the range of screening buckets and is a unique product within the panorama of mobile attachments designed for screening. Like other attachments of the range, the VSE 20 with its patented mechanism makes it possible to hydraulically screen the material in seconds. This is made possible by an electric control situated in the cabin; once the rotation movement of the screening shafts is stopped, the operator can adjust the distance of the two shafts (with maximum travel of 30 mm) in order to obtain an output size of 15-45 mm. The screening bucket also has a 0.70 cu m capacity and a screening area of 0.80 sq. m, values that indicate an excellent ratio between size, weight and production capacity.

A new way of screening

The VSE 20, designed to be mounted on 12-18 t excavators, stands out for a compact, lighter weight structure (only 1.3 t). While resulting in improved maneuverability, this feature does not compromise the sturdiness and durability of the attachment.  

The ability to vary the output size, even several times over the course of the work day without the inconvenience of long down times and complicated mechanical procedures, has a significant impact on this bucket’s productivity and profitability. Like the other models of the range, the VSE 20 achieves excellent levels of production thanks also to rhomboid-shaped elements with disks in varying diameter. This special shape of the tools produces an intense whirling of the material to be screened, all to the benefit of hourly productivity. 

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