Simex PL CU in Livigno (Italy) - application: road gutter milling

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on 01.09.2017
The Simex PL CU 60 20, first of a new series of planers that can make roadside gutters in different depths, effectively performed the job in Livigno in the Italian Alps. Design of the new PL CU series of planers was prompted by an explicit request by contractors. After analyzing the problem, Simex technicians developed a new planer fitting a barrel-shaped drum in the required width that was able to mill to a depth of 450 mm and a maximum width of 500 mm (scaling proportionally down to a 35 mm depth and 450 mm width and a 28 mm depth and 400 mm width) in order to create the curvature that would adhere to the job specifications. The new PL CU 60 20 is the first of a new series of planers of the Simex range that makes it possible to perform concave milling thanks to a special “barrel” type drum.

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