Material recovery and regeneration: Simex underlines its green vocation at Ecomondo 2023

Almost half of the waste produced in a year in Italy comes from the construction sector. We are talking about C&D waste, i.e. resulting from construction and demolition activities. 70 million tons, equal to approximately 48% of total non-hazardous waste. These are mostly waste from the construction and demolition of buildings or from renovation work.

In the world of construction, as well as road maintenance, the issue of recovering material deriving from demolition and scarification is becoming increasingly urgent, with the dual objective of combining environmental protection with economic savings. Those who work in the sector are well aware of the huge costs of transporting and disposing of aggregates and material from demolition, as well as the costs for the purchase and transport of new raw materials to the site.

The urgency from the market has also pushed institutions to accelerate the pace on the issue, which found its first regulatory confirmation in last year's End of Waste Decree (DM 152 of 27 September 2022). The decree establishes that waste material resulting from construction and demolition subjected to recovery operations will no longer be classified as such, thus implementing a first important intervention for the circular development of the construction sector.

In the light of the above considerations, Simex is expanding the crushing and recycling approach including the regeneration of all those materials which, once volumetrically reduced, screened or scarified, can be immediately recovered on site, in a sustainable and circular perspective, with both economic and environmental advantages.
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